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Upgrade to v4.6.0 complete

I’ve completed the upgrade of the site to version 4.6.0 of the code. Most features should still be working.

Tinkering is Fun and Useful

Wheee. Having much fun with the site. Site members can now send IMs and private messages to each other. You can now see who’s online. You can now subscribe to blogs, or to particular posts, or to particular stories, and get a notification when that blog/story/post is updated. You can add daily notifications that tell you about new content..


Wow! Users!

My goodness, you all went and snuck up on me and signed up…

When did that happen?

Feel free to start playing around with stuff, posting your own content, and stuff..

Quality blogs and podcasts

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve been experimenting with both blogs and podcasts lately. I’ve stumbled across a few gems, so I thought I’d share a few..

Daniel McCosker’s Monologging is a new discovery – and indeed, it’s a new blog – but it’s one that I’m enjoying..

Blog Maverick, by Mark Cuban, is fascinating and varied. Mark owns a variety of companies, ranging from a football team (the Mavericks) through to “film” production/distribution companies, and even a theater chain. I say “film” in quotes, as the whole point of his company is that they don’t actually produce literal film – they work entirely digitally.

The Scobleizer and Dare Obasanjo’s blogs are interesting – they offer a peek into a couple of the smaller components of the giant machine that is Microsoft; it’s fascinating how everyone I’ve ever met who worked enthusiastically for Microsoft seems to see the world in a way just slightly askew from the way everyone else I know sees it.

Personally, I use, as I’ve mentioned previously, my own personal web-based aggregator running on my own server to read these; if you don’t have your own server and the knowhow (or desire) to set this up yourself, many online services will do the same thing for you: MSN Spaces, My Yahoo!, etc… even LiveJournal can do roughly the same thing, provided you’re a paid member..

Two of the better podcasts I listen to (and eagerly look forward to every week) come from, not surprisingly, the BBC. Actually, only one episode of one has been released – but believe me, I’m eagerly awaiting more.

They are: In Our Time, a history show, and more recently, this years Reith Lecture series.

Another that I’ve just started listening to is Voices in Your Head; it’s an interview show with some really fascinating people. The guy doing the interviews is, in my opinion, a genius: he says almost nothing, but knows exactly the right cues to give his interviewees so that they happily spend almost the entire interview sharing the most interesting bits about whatever it is they have to say. It’s very well done – and I’ll be listening to more from this site.

Lastly: I’m very, very excited about the impending release of Tiger. Why? There’s one really, really exciting feature…

See, back when I had a nokia 7650, I enjoyed how seamlessly easy it was to sync between my phone and my laptop; contacts, calendars, notes, To-Dos – they all just synchronised without me having to think about it.

When I got my new 7610, I was devestated to discover that Nokia had, as they do, chosen to use a “more advanced” standard, and so my laptop could no longer sync with my phone.

Tiger will once again allow me to sync. Hurrah!

You can have no idea of how fantastic this is until you’ve experienced it yourself..

And now, to bed.

The start of the Ancestor Wars

Just saw this article on boingboing.

For those that don’t feel like following the link, it’s about the National Geographic’s Genographic project. Basically, send in a cheek swab, they’ll analyse your DNA, and trace the broad outline if your ancestor’s path from Africa through the whole history of the human race..

This is scary.


Greg Egan has long been a favorite author of mine – although his output has been decreasing, both in quality and quantity, of late.

In 1995, he published a short story entitled “Mitochondrial Eve” – which examines exactly this scenario. You can get an ebook of the story, or the collection in dead-tree format.

You can read an excerpt from the story on the ebook site above..

Memory hog, anyone?

I’d noticed firefox running a little slow..

So, remembering that a friend had mentioned to me a week or two ago that it had a nasty memory leak or 16, I took a look at top..

It had only 40mb resident in memory – but the total memory usage was almost 700Mb!

Closed firefox – which took about 60 seconds, with furious mad disk activity – I can only assume writing history and cache to disk. *woomph* 300mb of physical RAM free, swap usage dropped ~500mb (don’t ask me how that adds up to just under 700mb, I really don’t understand…)

Restarted it – within seconds it was back at a total size of over 200mb. It’s now climbed up to almost 350mb – only 57mb of which is resident, thankfully.


Just some other notes:

If you take a look at the top-right of the screen, you’ll find some links – working from right to left, we have:

* FoF – a link to my news aggregator – my private installation of feedonfeeds. Unfortunately, FoF is very much designed as a single-user application, so you won’t be able to access that.

* Webmail – useful if you have an email address at any of several domains I host – if you don’t know for sure that this is you, it’s not.

* Feeds Zhasper Reads – a link to a frequently updated OPML file listing the feeds I read with FoF. Provided solely for your own amusement, and so that you can track what I’m watching

* News For Today – everything FoF has downloaded today – where “today” means a period from midnight to midnight, Australian Eastern Standard Time. Enough to give you a rough idea of what I’ve been reading.

And now I’m just waffling to myself, so I’ll go away now.

Hello World

Hrm. I’ve not written an actual “Hello World” in… not since I left uni, I think. A part of me mourns the loss of that part of my life – I always thought I was going to be a developer, and it still feels like it should be part of my life goals..

But anyway. I’ve now got some content on the site for the first time since late ’02. Hurrah!

I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately about intending to make the switch from LJ to here; for now though, I don’t think I will be.

I’ve realised that I really have two different sorts of things I want to write about: firstly, there’s the minutiae of my personal life; I write about this partially as a future memory aid, but mostly to keep friends updated on what’s happening in my life[1]. For this kind of thing, LJ is great, and I’ll be keeping that there.

For almost everything else though, I’d rather post it here.

So, for now, I’ll be keeping two blogs: here, and there. Wootles. LJ is currently syndicated here (or at least, it was a moment ago, until I turned that particular feature off – let me twiddle that once more..). Shortly, I’ll start syndicating this content back to LJ as well, for the ultimate in.. well, talking in circles springs to mind..

[edit: twiddling done – check the “news feeds” at the top of the page 🙂

[1] Actually, that’s not quite true. What I’m really trying to accomplish is to make myself *feel* like I’ve told all my friends – whilst still letting them politely pretend that they care and they’ve read things, whilst in actuality being able to tune out as much of my blathering as they want.. Bonus prize of a box of smarties to the first person who reads this who remembers “inananities” 🙂

Newsfeeds online

Woot.You can now see what I’ve collected from my various newsfeeds.Additionally, you can get an OPML file containing a list of all the feeds I’m reading.

A boring first post

This is a very boring story.

Why is it here?

Well, basically just because I needed to get rid of the manky default thingy that sits here.

That is all!