Hrm. I've not written an actual "Hello World" in... not since I left uni, I think. A part of me mourns the loss of that part of my life - I always thought I was going to be a developer, and it still feels like it should be part of my life goals..

But anyway. I've now got some content on the site for the first time since late '02. Hurrah!

I've been talking to a lot of people lately about intending to make the switch from LJ to here; for now though, I don't think I will be.

I've realised that I really have two different sorts of things I want to write about: firstly, there's the minutiae of my personal life; I write about this partially as a future memory aid, but mostly to keep friends updated on what's happening in my life[1]. For this kind of thing, LJ is great, and I'll be keeping that there.

For almost everything else though, I'd rather post it here.

So, for now, I'll be keeping two blogs: here, and there. Wootles. LJ is currently syndicated here (or at least, it was a moment ago, until I turned that particular feature off - let me twiddle that once more..). Shortly, I'll start syndicating this content back to LJ as well, for the ultimate in.. well, talking in circles springs to mind..

[edit: twiddling done - check the "news feeds" at the top of the page :)

[1] Actually, that's not quite true. What I'm really trying to accomplish is to make myself *feel* like I've told all my friends - whilst still letting them politely pretend that they care and they've read things, whilst in actuality being able to tune out as much of my blathering as they want.. Bonus prize of a box of smarties to the first person who reads this who remembers "inananities" :)