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I was dere!

A couple of weekends ago, I wandered off in the general direction of the rocks with my camera and started taking photos.

I found a great, very picturesque, corner, at which I could take great photos of the city skyline looming behind some ~1850 buildings. Went snap-happy for a while.

Today, I stumble on this commercial for deodorant which features the very same corner.


Paris to marry Paris?

Oh dear.

I was disturbed when Paris started dating Paris.. but it gets worse.

According to Reuters Paris has now proposed to Paris and they’re set to marry

I’m just not going to begin. I’m sure you’re as boggled as I am.

Update on life

So what else has been happening in the life of zhasper lately?

Not a lot, really. A lot of staying home, watching tv, chatting to people on the net… I’m going to Melbourne in a few weeks (12th-20th or thereabouts) and have suddenly realised I need to save up some money for that..

Work’s going fairly well. Am enjoying the work. Not as much, perhaps, as I’d like; but at least partially that’s because I have a tendency to get overinvolved in work. Having a boss who encourages my interest, but actively dissuades me from getting overly involved, is a Good Thing (TM). I’m nearing the end of my contract, but hoping (expecting, even) an extension.

There are a lot of thoughts that flow through my head daily that make me think “must blog that later”, but I’ve not got any easy way of doing that; so they never get written down. Need to start getting more rigorous about that..

So.. that’s it for an update for tonight.

I’ve also been not doing much reading of late – my downtime feed-me-stimulus-to-stop-my-brain-from-dying time has been taken up by listening to podcasts..

I really really want to get back into some kind of programming. I want to write something to let postings here get posted on LJ also, saving me a lot of effort and worry. I’ll get around to it one of these days…

All just a little bit of history..

I was watching a documentary on SBS on Sunday night about (broadly speaking) the history of homosexuality in Australia.

There was a lot of talk about the fight to get homosexuality legalised around the late 70s/early 80s.

The position as described was roughly thus:

* There was a large majority of people who thought the current situation was hideous, unfair, unjust, and generally nasty – but were unwilling to risk outing themselves or expend any effort in order to fight for change

* There was an activist group, CAMP, fighting for change

* There were other groups who didn’t feel CAMP was radical enough, so they split off and formed their own even more activist groups.

At some point, people got to fighting for this in parliament. At some point, the idea of legalising homosexuality, but with a different age of consent than for heterosexuals, was raised. Some were willing to accept this, as they saw it as a stepping stone to the ultimate goal. Others felt that accepting anything less than total equality would defeat the longer-term goals.

Some things never change..

Finger, Custard, Drive-thru – What's wrong with this picture?

I read this story ages ago. A man goes to a drive-thru frozen custard shop, gets a pint of chocolate custard, takes it home, starts eating.. finds a finger inside.

Initially it was the “Finger! ew!” aspect that grabbed my attention, but I’ve just realised..

The man went to a *custard* shop.

A shop where they sell *custard*.

Frozen custard.

Frozen, chocolate, custard.

They have shops for this?

Even more bizarre – it’s a drive-through! You don’t even have to get out of your car to get your daily dose of fatty badness!

Site spidered by Baidu! was spidered by today.


there’s a nice google translated version here.

There’s an about page as well.

Does anyone know what the Hundred Degrees are?

Cover Charges

Does anyone know what current nightclub cover charges are?

Arq tends to be $10 on a Friday/Saturday, $20 after midnight – right?

What’s the Shift cost now? it was $5 last time I went regularly – I believe it’s now up to something like $20?

Midnight Shift – Upstairs

Midnight Shift – upstairs: One level, one bar + one dance floor + small balcony. Great fishtank above the urinal in the mens. Some seating in the “bar” area, but the main focus is the large dance floor – third largest on the strip (first and second being arq upstairs and arq downstairs). Second-best lightshow (behind arq).

Music: don’t know, far too long since I’ve been here. Best drag shows on the strip (although nothing compared to what Mitzi gets up to at the Imperial)

Crowd: somewhat mixed, but Shift Upstairs has gained a reputation for being largely Asian

Go here to meet: asians

Midnight Shift – Downstairs

Midnight shift – downstairs: One level, two bars. Moderate size dancefloor, nice fishtanks behind the bar.

Music: no idea, not been here in years. Believe it’s even poppier than stonewall though.

Crowd: This is where the real men go, and the men who want real men.

Go here to meet: 35+,soft-core bears..


Stonewall: 3 levels. Downstairs is pretty much a standard bar – except that it’s crowded every night (by which I mean: friday and saturday) from 10pm that chances of getting a seat, especially at the bar, are slim to none. Second floor has more seating – but still, 70% of the patrons will be standing. Nice range of cocktails available here – I reccommend the bliss bomb. Third floor is more along the lines of a club – large raised dance floor, some couches..

Music varies; downstairs is primarly jukebox driven, so tends to be quite “pop”. Second level tends to be very, very doof, aside from when it’s all hiphoppy and otherwise crap. Third floor is the dancy end of trance – although depending on the DJ it can get very trancy or very dancy, or even hiphoppy at times.

Crowd is mixed – everything from 16-year-old pimply faced twinks through to 60+ gents having a good night out. Most of the crowd would be <23 though. In some ways the crowd at Stonewall tends to be fairly friendly and open; but there are plenty of regulars and we can be very cliquey at times as well.

Moderate level of drugs, much less shirts-offness than Arq.

Go here to meet: twinks, young guys, your friends.