Stonewall: 3 levels. Downstairs is pretty much a standard bar - except that it's crowded every night (by which I mean: friday and saturday) from 10pm that chances of getting a seat, especially at the bar, are slim to none. Second floor has more seating - but still, 70% of the patrons will be standing. Nice range of cocktails available here - I reccommend the bliss bomb. Third floor is more along the lines of a club - large raised dance floor, some couches..

Music varies; downstairs is primarly jukebox driven, so tends to be quite "pop". Second level tends to be very, very doof, aside from when it's all hiphoppy and otherwise crap. Third floor is the dancy end of trance - although depending on the DJ it can get very trancy or very dancy, or even hiphoppy at times.

Crowd is mixed - everything from 16-year-old pimply faced twinks through to 60+ gents having a good night out. Most of the crowd would be <23 though. In some ways the crowd at Stonewall tends to be fairly friendly and open; but there are plenty of regulars and we can be very cliquey at times as well.

Moderate level of drugs, much less shirts-offness than Arq.

Go here to meet: twinks, young guys, your friends.