So what else has been happening in the life of zhasper lately?

Not a lot, really. A lot of staying home, watching tv, chatting to people on the net... I'm going to Melbourne in a few weeks (12th-20th or thereabouts) and have suddenly realised I need to save up some money for that..

Work's going fairly well. Am enjoying the work. Not as much, perhaps, as I'd like; but at least partially that's because I have a tendency to get overinvolved in work. Having a boss who encourages my interest, but actively dissuades me from getting overly involved, is a Good Thing (TM). I'm nearing the end of my contract, but hoping (expecting, even) an extension.

There are a lot of thoughts that flow through my head daily that make me think "must blog that later", but I've not got any easy way of doing that; so they never get written down. Need to start getting more rigorous about that..

So.. that's it for an update for tonight.

I've also been not doing much reading of late - my downtime feed-me-stimulus-to-stop-my-brain-from-dying time has been taken up by listening to podcasts..

I really really want to get back into some kind of programming. I want to write something to let postings here get posted on LJ also, saving me a lot of effort and worry. I'll get around to it one of these days...