Bring on the Bush Dynasty..

As soon as Dubyah was confirmed for a second term, I expected the attempts to repeal that section of the US constitution limiting presidents to two terms would be on the way.

Now Dvorak points out that moves are already afoot to do exactly this…

I have to admit that Dvorak comes across as a bit of a raving nutter to me; he seems to have the typical conspiracy-theorist trait of connecting widely disconnected snippets, taking them out of context, and mooshing them together till they seem to form a connected pictured. That doesn’t mean that he’s wrong though… and most of the things he mentions there (eg, the existence of a bill to repeal the 22nd amendment) are verifiable fact (which I’ve not yet verified myself).

The next step I’d expect to see would be some reason why the president has to be granted extra-ordinary authority permitting him to, eg, suspend elections during times of crisis, followed by the declaration of a crisis. A war would be perfect for this – particularly a war on a vague, loosely defined enemy, that could suddenly pop up anywhere, at any time..

This, combined with other things that Dvorak mentions about how the religious right is starting to gain power in the US all seems vaguely familiar.. “Future History”, anyone?

Please keep in mind that I’m Australian; we don’t have anything equivalent to the 22nd amendment here, nor do I neccessarily think that such a thing is good or neccessary (nor do I neccessarily think that it’s bad – we’ve had Lil Johnny in power for, what, 4 3-year terms now? That’s not a particularly good thing..). I’m just making a comment on how un-surprised I’ll be when Dubyah makes official his intent to never let the power of being president out of his family…

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