Pacific Fair is, as you can see, quite a large shopping center.

Juptiers Casino looks kinda pretty.On the northern side, you can see a loop, stretching over the water, then heading over the highway and to the small shopping center opposite. That's the worlds most pointless monorail: two stops in the shopping center, and one at the casino.

These photos were taken sometime in 2003, I think - that construction site is now the Gold Coast Convention/Exhibition center.

Someone broke the Gold Coast!

is is the Gold Coast Grand Prix track

Southport now has not one, but two bridges

I went to uni at Bond Uni. I used to work at that pool. For my first year, I lived in "B block" - the southern of the two residential blocks in the south-west corner. Most of the second year I spent in the South Tower, whcih I shan't bother to point out just because I'm nasty.

When at uni, sometimes we'd shop at Pac Fair. Other times, we wanted something more actually useful and less touristy - that'd be Robina Town Center.