Take a look at this photo

On the right hand side is a large circle - that's a velodrome, not much used, that I know of.

Leading south from there is a dirt track, which then turns right and heads roughly west until it joins the main road.

Cross that road; there's a large green roof. That used to be a post office. I used to shelter under the front porch while waiting for the school bus. However, that was torn down years ago, and whats there now is a hardware store.

The next roof behind that is... well, actually, I don't know.

The next house along is the McPauls, who I never knew very well.

Behind them is a man I have a few memories of. The biggest memory is that he had Collies, beautiful big bouncing happy dogs. At one point they had puppies, and there was one he couldn't sell - it had one green eye and one blue. He also made the local paper for inventing some kind of gun lock it could be stuck up the barrel of a rifle and padlocked in place

The next house is Gordon's house, although Gordon has been gone for many years. Gordon was just shy of (or just past?) 90 when I last saw him. He was a lovely old man, originally from Salt Lake City. For years, he'd worked as a taxi driver in Melbourne - he was with Silvertop from their inception, I believe. His wife passed away tragically one day - I remember coming home from school and seeing the ambulance out the front. After this, Gordon's son moved in for a few years. Gordon eventually moved to a local nurcing home, and passwd away a few months later.

Beside that.. That's my parents house! I lived there from the time I was 9 through to leaving home at 18.

Have a look at this map

In the center are two pools: one full and blue, one empty and white. I learnt to swim in the empty pool - the smaller, heated, open-even-in-winter-when-this-photo-was-taken pool was only opened after I left town. Across the road to the northwest is my primary school. Back across the road to the south-west, and continuing up Kent St past the bowls club, lies my highschool.

Everything on the rest of that block used to be railway shunting yards. The stations you can see there now has been in at least one movie that I know of - in "The Delinquents", the train station supposedly in Bundaberg is actually that station.

The McDs on the westernmost corner of that block was built when I was halfway through highschool. We used to have a lot of kids nicking off at lunchtime to go eat there - it was the first McDs within about 45km. The large shopping center on the southern corner didn't used to exist.

The red roof across from McDs used to be Pizza Hut. Eating out there as a kid was a big deal - we used to get dressed up in our Sunday Best.

This is, roughly, the site of the original Wide Bay Settlement, in the area now known as Baddow. Just out of sight at the top, you can see the big Roundabout In The Sky - part of tbe bypass constructed when I was about 14, which took the Bruce Highway (the main north/south route up and down the coast) out of town.

In this map, you can see one main road running along a SW/NE diagonal, intersecting in the center of the image with another NW/SE road. On the eastern side of that intersection is the house where I lived the first 9 or so years of my life.

The church I attended as a kid is here, in the same position - again, on the eastern croner. Across the road is KFC.

I could go on and on, but I'll restrain myself to just one more