Pointcast! The answer is pointcast!

Some time ago I was trying to remember the name of a pre-bust company who were pushing "push" technology very heavily. Amongst other things, they had a bar that sat across the bottom of your screen and scrolled the latest news headlines, and a screensaver that displayed the same content.

Today, I got diverted from this wonderful WTF post to this much older one, to PDF at http://tutor.petech.ac.za/rbotha/UIF4001/HallOfShame.pdf (which I've attached to this post: see [inline:1] and my comment [A] below)...

Which lead to the realisation that it was, indeed, Pointcast who I was trying to remember.

[A] As far as I can tell, the PDF isn't currently hosted onthe site of the original creator of the site, it's merely someone who's saved the PDF to their website, so I'm putting it here rather than linking to it so that, if slashdottage happens, it's me who it affects not them..