Didn't actually make it into the spa - or indeed, back to the hotel - till much later. Ended up wandering around Melb Central for a while, had breakfast, wandered some more looking at the pretty shops (and boys). DM eventually called and I met up with him and Alistair, a friend from the UK we met in Sydney on NYD this year.

Spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the city with Al, getting a phone for him, getting it unlocked, doing some shopping.. Eventually got back to the hotel at 5 and dunked in the spa for almost an hour. Felt much better afterwards.

Went to Crown for dinner, ate in the cheap crappy foodcourt - my god it was crap. Never have I had such crap in a cheap crappy foodcourt.

We knew we were in a classy venue right away; the cleaning lady saw us looking askance at a dirty table and popped over and said she'd be with us in a second. When she came back, she apologised- "a child threw up, we had to clean that up first". Later, on tasting the food, we realised why the child threw up..

The cleaner then proceeded to move our table a foot to one side.. "Gotta keep away from the elevators. You'll have ringside seats when security are escorting someone out!"


Went back to hotel, slept. Now about to go have breakfast and go dunk in spa for a while again. Just booked my accom for thu/fri nights - medina exec. at south yarra. Bit further from Commercial road than I was hoping for, but a bit of exercise never killed anyone.

Why is it that whenever you're on holiday the boys are much cuter?

I miss my munchkin