12/06/05 1617

Quick notes on arriving at hotel:

* flight pleasant, not fantastic, as expected from quantarse

* prev. flight cancelled, ours 2/3 empty

* Melb is a very beautiful city - but the approach from the airport on the bus is just ugly, especially the final bit, coming into spencer st station

* Melb CBD is tiny, cosy, and homely..

* $20/day for dialup innanet access. wonnerful. not paying, that, sorry, so you may not see these notes till next week

* Tra la la. Was just thinking to myself - would be good to have a usb key. Realised I do - XD card in my camera + USB adapter = USB key. if I take it with me, I can pop into a net cafe and upload/download stuff. Woot!

Okay, now to go freshen up a little..

Have to figure out a way to make vi add the date/timestamp automatically.. maybe I can look it up online

Update: just saw Daniel M.. didn't realise how much I missed him till I saw him again

Gonna go to a net cafe shortly and grab a copy of TiddlyWiki I think - probably the nicest way to make notes this week. Should be.. fun..


It's now 10:53 the next morning. At a net cafe. I hate windows machines.. this one doesn't want to load st. george's netbanking crapplet. Just discovered that the leftnavbar doesn't load in IE.. not here, anyway. Works fine on IE at work.. weird.

USB key idea works, obviously. Don't think I'll bother with tiddlywiki though.. text files work fine..

Now off to get some breakfast, then had back to the hotel and sit in the spa for a while..