I know I'm very late to mention this, but I'm mentioning it anyway: Kensington Locks, as used by laptops everywhere, are easily pickable - see Steve Rubel's blog for details

The BBC are making all 9 of Beethovens Symphonies downloadable, but for a short time only.

Dubyah's government is becoming overtly more totalitarian, witness the latest terrornoia, strikingly reminiscent of Stalinist-era USSR propaganda

Stowing away in the wheel well of an intercontinetnial plane just isn't a good idea.

Bisexual porn is good for you, but only if you care about making babies.

I mentioned something about american pronunciation of words and dropping "h"s a few days ago. My one and only bloglines reader happened to mention the american tendency to "fillay" rather than "fillet" - and just days later the same thing pops up on Overheard in New York