I've been wanting to see SW:RotS since it came out.. but I've not wanted to see it without first seeing SW:AotC.

So, last night, I finally watched SW:AotC.

I've now realised a lot of things I hadn't fully understood before:

What wooden acting really is
See, I thought I knew - it was what Natalie and Hayden were forced into by their cheesy corny stilted dialogue all the way through the movie. But then I saw a bunch of senators (or someone) hamming it up to influence Jar Jar Binks (whose name I can no longer mention without lapsing into a round of Mesaa stepped in poop!) to vote for something or other. *That* is wooden acting
Lots of other things
Such as why no-one wanted to watch this with me, and why I've not bothered till now, and why it got such a caning at the time it came out..
Why there was a three year wait till SW:RotS came out
I'd thought it was just because SW:RotS took a long time to produce - but no. I've now realised it's because audiences need about that long to recover from the abomination that is SW:AotC before they're ready for SW:RotJ

Seriously, I don't think I'm ready to see SW:RotS for at least another month now.

(Incidentally, this post marks my first use this year of my favorite ever HTML tags - <dl>, <dt> and <dd>)