Scoble babbles (although coherently - what do you call coherent babbling? Babbling seems to imply incoherency) about the Next Great Thing..

It also will make comments unneccessary. Why? Because there are systems coming that'll match up -- in minutes -- a main post and all the comments being made about that post.

Scoble, this sounds exactly like a trackback to me. Which you'd know, if your site supported trackbacks...

I really don't think this solves the problem. I don't neccessarily want to have to post my response to you on my own blog, just to get them to show up on your comments page. If someone else wants to respond to my response to your comment, why do you think it makes sense for them to put that in their own blog?

My blog becomes cluttered with posts that aren't actually anything I wanted to say to my readers (all 6 of them), but response to you. Response to your blog become scattered all over the web.

I really don't understand why you think this is a step forward - perhaps we'll understand more when you're at liberty to discuss details.