One thing that did annoy me a little in melbourne was the session time displays at the cinema at crown (and apparently these are common across melbourne). They were standard TV screen, which displayed on them one movie per screen, cycling slowly through the movie times. For some bizarre reason, although I was there at 8pm, the screens would start by showing me the sessions starting at 8:30 that morning (pause for 30 seconds) then jump to a second screen, featuring start times between around lunchtime and 6pm (pause for 30 seconds) and then, finally get around to showing me sessions that were in the future, that I could buy tickets for.

Why? Why?

Another thing that bothered me was Melbournians attitude to Ten Pin. To me, it's always been a sport. A good opportunity for socialising, yes, but primarily a sport. I'm always slightly bugged by Ten Pin places that sell alcohol; but only mildy so, except in cases where I see drunken idiots doing stupid things like bouncing their ball into the next lane..

I'd thought that the Strike tenpin bars located across the city were cool, until I went into one, and talked to people about them, and realised something: melbourne don't go to Ten Pin for a sporting social event at which alcohol is, regrettably, available: they go to a social drinking event, at which it's possible to throw balls at pins if you feel so inclined. It's a travesty.

Hrm, what else can I rant about tonight...

Oh yes. I noticed several months ago that my life lacks order. I have no routine, I have no plans, I have no goals, things just happen as they happen. In a lot of ways this is a good thing, and I don't want to change much. There are some things I want to change though - I want to attend the gym, or go swimming, or otherwise get some exercise, more often. I want to maintain my room in better order (although to do that, I first need to invest in some storage of some kind...). I want to spend a small amount of time (perhaps no more than 3-4 hours/week would be fine) tinking with this site, experimenting, playing, learning. I want to make sure I continue to spend time with those people who matter to me..

None of this is happening, except by chance. This really, really needs to be changed.