Saturday is easily covered: sat around the house, played simcity.

Sunday takes more. Went to lunch at Bronte as discussed. Had some pleasant surprises regarding the people who turned up.. it was great to see you all :)

Afterwards, went to the airport and took photos of planes. The second plane we saw was a QANTAS plane:


Maryborough! My hometown! How exciting :)

Tinified versions of some other fantastic photos taken by the fantastic Adrian to the end of this post...

Got some great pics using Adrian's most excellent phone, giving me a severe case of camera envy.

Later, went to Ds place to watch Family guy, which proved an excellent diversion. Afterwards, we were struck by a fit of madness and headed back to the airport to take photos at night. Some of them came out very nicely.. but I don't have any of them to show you yet.

So.. that was my weekend. Nice and quiet and relaxing.