There's a very popular stereotype (much enforced by the success of Queer Eye) that gay men possess an extraordinary sense of style, flair, and fashion.

As with all stereotypes, it's partly true - more so in some specific cases than others.

It's not something that I've ever felt was true about myself. I dress for comfort, not fashion. My wardrobe is small and limited. I've one pair of shoes, four pairs of jeans, a few t-shirts..

There are a few things that strike me as being complete style disasters though. Foremost amongst these is the White Business Shirt.

Go into any western CBD and look at office workers. Around 80% of the men on any given day will be wearing a White Business Shirt. It's plain, boring, bland. Hardly anyone looks good in a White Business Shirt. Stains show up instantly, and noticeably - a WBS turns every meal into an adventure.

The worst thing of all about White Business Shirts though is who wears them - rank upon rank of drab, mindless, boring corporate drones. At least 3/4 of the reason why I'll never wear a White Business shirt is that by donning such attire, you're proclaiming yourself to be yet another mindless drone.