I don't know if I've linked to him before, but Scott Lynch is someone whose LJ I read solely for humour/interest value. Scott is a fireman, and many of his recent posts have been about firefighting..

Thus it's no surprise that his review of Batman Begins also focuses on the pyrotechnical aspects:

--Wayne Manor was clearly what we call Type III (Ordinary) construction; a heavy masonry exterior over timber-frame interior. Those things can burn for hours, because masonry is noncombustible and the wood structural members tend to be very, very thick. In short, masonry does not fucking explode under two minutes of fire load. There's "action-movie appropriate" and then there's "damn silly." If granite and marble were explosives, our society would be at the mercy of any guy with a chisel and a drafting table. The title sequence to The Flintstones would end with Fred and Barney getting blown into Alpo the second that Brontosaurus scrapes its teeth against the quarry wall.

Well done Scott

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[edit] Scott also has some very erudite readers. You should scroll through his comments for some other reviews from other knowledgeable persectives too[/edit]