I'm cleaning my room.

Not the normal push-it-under-the-bed-and-dust-visible-surfaces style cleaning.

I've pulled everything down to my mattress and parts of the bed frame out of the room, vacuumed the floor (some parts of which hadn't been vacuumed in 18 months!), completely rearranged the furniture..

Everything tha tnormally clutters my room is now in a pile in the loungeroom. The entire loungeroom floro is covered, on average, to about one foot deep, in various things. Some parts are about 2.5 feet, a few spots are completely bare.

I've decided I don't need a desk in my room. It's currently sitting in the lounge as well. Depending on what my flatmate says when she gets home (fortunately, she's out out of the country or she'd be driven insane by the clutter in the lounge), this may become a permanent fixture - or, more likely, it'll get thrown out.

I've already disposed of two bags of clothes and another two (small) bags of underwear, socks, hankies, etc. Just in under (not including socks or hankies), I threw out 27 pair. Actually, it's not really "disposed" of - it's in a bag, ready for me to take to a vinnies bin somewhere... I'm now considering re-arranging the loungeroom as well, if I can find room to stash everything.

Thinking of going to Lure for lunch tomorrow. It's very nice, and (just) walking distance from work within lunchbreak time.

Gotta visit the doctor in the morning though *sigh*. damn body. can't I just apt-get install an upgrade?

I've put my mattress back in my room (and the rest of the bedframe) but won't be getting the rest done tonight. I'm about to go grab my sleeping bag and a blanky, plus one pillow and one pilow case (if I can find any... I think they're all in the wash already, actually, so maybe not...) and grabbing some shut-eye on the mattress.

I'm incredibly not looking forward to tidying the rest up tomorrow.

Unrelatedly: I have an ATX midi-tower case. Currently has an Athlon 450 processor + motherboard. However, processor fan is very noisy. secondary IDE bus may, or may not, be working (primary is fine; I've a CD-RW and DVD on the secondary IDE channel, both don't work right now - but that could be the bus, or equally, it could be a miscompiled kernel - I've never had the time or impetus to figure it out).

If anyone is interested in this, I'll swap the lot - excepting only the HD, which I want to keep - for anything I can replace it with. Sole requirments: capability for Gigabit Ethernet (via a PCI slot is fine), and ability to have one normal-size IDE disk inserted. Best if it's quiet.