The aftermath of the London bombings is showing me just how small the world has become.

* A guy I worked with until a few weeks ago was heading to Stansted airport the morning of the bombings; was at Paddington Station (mere hundreds of metres from Edgware Rd) when that bomb went off; then was in the West End around 1km away from the bus bomb when that went off.

* A friend from England who's currently backpacking around Australia had a friend joining him; she was also heading to an airport that morning, but made it through the city an hour or so before the bombs went off

* Another guy I've known for a few years has family over there that he was unable to contact for 36 hour afterward

* And lastly, Queerpenguin was there. I Don't actually know QueerPenguin at all, but I know other people that I do know know him... so he's only two degrees of seperation away.

As if it wasn't freaky enough living down the street from Liverpool Street Station only days before the bombs, however, what would be the odds that I'd also be staying two streets over from the residential homes of the alleged bombers that were raided in Leeds, on the day the raids took place?

Sept 11 seemed rather distant. This seems much, much closer to home.