One last link: there's a wikipedia page that's been started. In fact, this page looks like the most useful I've seen so far, at this point: fairly brief, concise detail of what's known, links to external sites...

My apologies for being sceptical about new media.

Unrelatedly. What the *fuck* is up with Dubyah lately? He's admitted that global warming exists. He's come up with ideas that sound slightly good, on the surface, for fighting poverty - admittedly, anything as radical as ditching subsidies for farmers in the US is never, ever going to happen - but i'm astounded that he even said the words. I'm waiting for him to weasel out of it - "only if europe does it first", "only to take full effect in 15 years time", etc, etc.

It was amusing to watch him behind Tony B as he was making his speech - Dubyah looked like a stuffed frog - he really doesn't know what to do with himself when the press want to talk to someone other than him.

I just saw a clip of Dubyah giving a brief statement outside on the lawn. The contrast was amusing: Tony's speech was full of "We will not allow the terrorists to win. We will not allow our standard of living to be changed. We will not allow the terrorists to change the way we live". Dubyah, by contrast, was full of "We will find them. We will punish them. We will stoop to their level and bomb the hell out of them, because killing them will make us feel really good, even as it makes us just like them and ensures that they win"

I am, of course, paraphrasing a little.

The contrast is really remarkable though. Tony uses classic assertive language: he talks about what "we" are going to do - in essence, "We're trying to make the world a better place, and we're going to keep doing that.". Bush uses very aggressive language instead "You will be hunted. You will be found. You will be bought to justice". I'm not much of a fan of Blair, but compared to Bush, he's fantastic - but then, that's not hard.

A couple of other links: QueerPenguin is currently holidaying in Europe, and has just been in London, and is rather shocked.

Upon review, I find that the first blog post about the bombs actually came from an American, Bluepose

I've also just found out tonight that my ex now lives within my complex, about 10m away from me. bizarre!

And so, to bed, perchance to dream.