It's amazing what you find digging through trash.

Take the business card I just found. The front has a picture of a blue sky with fluffy clouds, and the words "Bliss and Beyond" superimposed in a red calligraphic font. On the reverse, we have:


JOHN Pract. Rem. Mas.


Experience Swedish and Remedial massage in a supportive, caring

environment at the hands of an intuitive and attentive therapist


This was given to me by a.. let's be polite, and call him a fairly mature gentleman, at the

Mardi Gras opening party this year (incidentally, this was the afternoon I left my last job - so I was rather jubilant at the time). I've met him several times earlier (but not since, thankfully), and he's always full of suggestions that I should come over to his place for "coffee" - or maybe a massage.

No thanks mate, I'll be right.