I've mentioned in the past a few times that I've made a few tweaks to the theme used on this site.

The basis for the theme is the Friendselectric theme.

The tweaks I've made are, as far as I can remember, very minor: I've tweaked the main page so that CSS trickery is used to pull the left navbar to the right place - it's actually located in the page after the main page content. This has two benefits: the main content displays first, you don't have to wait for the navbar to download. This is good if you're on a slow link.

The other advantage is that if you're using a text-based browser (which I do a lot to make updates) you don't have to page down two or three times just to get past the navbar in order to see real content.

If you want the theme, feel free to download it from here.

NB: as with Friends Electric, this template requires PHPTemplate.

And, of course - you need Drupal to use this at all :p

[EDIT] This theme is known to be broken in Internet Explorer - the left-hand navbar doesn't show up at all.

Take a look at the sidebar-left element in style.css if you want to fix this.. if you figure out what's wrong, I'd love to know..