It's been bout 6 months since I've last weighed myself. At that time, I was gymming fairly frequently, had lost most of my spare tyre, and had some muscle mass. I weighed 74kg.

A few days ago, I found a set of scales and weighed myself again. In the ensuing 6 months, my gymming has been very irregular, my eating habits have gown downhill. I've put in perhaps 4-6 inches of girth around my stomach (although only 1-2" around my waist, so I'm still essentially the same pants size - damn this body shape i've inherited from my father). Scarily, although my girth has increased, my weight has decreased.

I'm now in a renewed much-exercise-needed mood. It's slightly ironic, or at least it seems so to me, that an outcome of my exercise is not going to be that I lose weight- but that I gain weight by getting rid of fat. Who else do you know who gets lighter as they get fatter?