Just came across some more news.. well no, rumours - I won't call it news until I've verified it, which I haven't - regarding MS Vista.

First though, the most amusing part of this page:

And Steve Gibson, president of PC consulting firm Gibson Research Corporation, confirmed our findings”).

First, we don't start sentences with conjunctions! Even I, with my spotty Queensland public school education, know that..

Secondly, the name Steve Gibson rang bells. Took a while to remember why though. Eventually it came to me - he was the nutter who predicted that the release of WinXP would cause the death of the internet.

I had a good chuckle remembering this.. and an even bigger chuckle when I found that although he's not updated it since 2001, his doom-and-gloom zombie page is still up and still making the same outlandish claims...

However, on to my main point about this article.

According to the article, and the article on CNet it cites as a source:

The big ideas? Background defragmentation

There's some discussion on the page about whether this will, or won't, actually make much of a difference for users.

Regardless, it's amusing to note that Apple have had this feature as standard since Panther was released on October 24th, 2003. There's some nitty-gritty on what Panther does, and doesn't, do at kernelthread.com