Okay, a couple of changes have been made to the site.

Firstly, I've manually patched the captcha module and installed the captcharith patch; this means that rather than crappy broken captchas with half the text invisible outside the box, you now get asked a simple mathematical question in order to prove you're not a spambot.

Unfortunately, I've noticed at least once that the question is broken - "What is divided by four" doesn't make much sense. However, until I get around to debugging this, the workaround is to just hit "preview" if this affects you.

Second, I've created a more formal fixed taxonomy to accompany the free-tagging folksonomy. While free-tagging is useful, it's hard to remember if I'm filing microsoft posts as MS, Microsoft, microsoft, MicroSoft.. yes, Drupal's taxonomies are case sensitive. So, by having a more formal predefined structure, I know where to slot this. However, I'm still using free-tagging as well. All posts are required to be assigned to one or more topics from the fixed vocabulary, but may not have any extra tags added.

A side-effect of this is to make some of Drupal's features more powerful. If, for instance, you're one of my Livejournal buddies, you probably only want to get posts from the Personal News category, and don't want to see me ranting on about Scoble, especially when I'm being a rotten strawberry.

If you have a look on the left navbar (unless you're using IE - I really must get that fixed), you'll see a "Category Browser" link. Click on that, choose "Personal Posts" from the categories list on the left, and click Search. On the bottom of the resulting page, you'll find an XML button, which has a link to the feed for that specific topic. Add that link to your aggregator.. and viola, you only see the posts you're interested in!

Scoble, the link you're looking for is here :)

(Unfortunately, if you actually are an LJ buddy, you are, at present, stuck reading every post I make - but I should be able to fix that soon)

You can get trickier too, combining topics, choosing to have all posts that match any of a set of topics.. go nuts!

Oh, and I've also had to move the site to a new server due to increased traffic. It should be rather snappier to respond now. Unfortunately, there's a few things not yet transferred - eg, there's currently no webstats on this new server. However, this should all be fixed on the weekend.