(originally a comment on an LJ; reproduced here because it was a good little rant)

Partially (mostly) lack of sleep

Partially the fact that there were people there I didn't want to talk to... but the people I did want to talk to were talking to the people I didn't want to talk to, leaving me out in the cold.

Partially the annoying fact that, more and more, the guys I'm attracted to physically don't interest me in any other way - to the extreme that, last night, there were a few guys there I'd love to put on a pedestal and look at, but even touching them doesn't interest me, let alone smelling them, tasting them, talking to them..

Also, partially the annoying fact that there were one or two people there who *are* interesting on many levels, who i'd love to get to know.. but I was too grumpy to feel like talking to them and getting to know them, so I was just left with a whelming (like overwhelming, except that it didn't actually overwhelm me, it just came close) urge to shag them...