Today was quite an unusual day.

For a start, it was a monday, but not a work day - hurrah for public holidays. This of course meant a BBQ at a friends place, followed by an afternoon of sitting around.

It was an interesting day for a few reasons. I reconnected with someone I've felt a bit detached from lately. I realised, again, that this person is quite probably the person most like me in my immediate social circle.

I tried, and failed, to reach out and get to know someone else.. fortunately the failure wasn't fatal, but I've missed a great chance. To reach out in future is going to take more concerted effort, and the cooperation of a few intermediaries.

Most curiously of all, I realised that something I thought I firmly knew about myself was false, and embarked on a strange (for me) course which, whatever happens, will provide some interesting learning experiences.

Oh, I also had cheese sandwhiches and pumpkin soup for lunch.