So tonight I went out with some friends. Lets call them A, B, and C. Actual identities are irrelevant, except to say that B is an ex-shag, and C is from Brisbane and recently broke up with his boyfriend of many years, D.

A was meeting up with a boi he'd shagged last night, E. We of course all tagged along, and ended up in stonewall together.

Later in the night, I saw someone I've known (distantly) for quite a while, F. Shortly after, I saw F speak to E - slightly amusing, but not a huge surprise as F is quite the social butterfly.

Shortly afterwards again, I saw G walk in. G is someone that I've met before who's well-known to B. G stopped by the door and chatted briefly to F, then wandered over and said hi to B.

While this was going on, I didn't notice, but F had slipped away. C, in the meantime, had gone missing, so I had to look for him. Eventually, I found him talking to F. It transpires that C knew F many years ago, and C is friends with D. F alerted C to the fact that D was in town, and likely to be in Stonewall at some point..

Thus did F become the central character of my night: he knows one friend's ex, another friend's ex's friend, and the third friend's recent shag.

I later saw pictures of C's ex. and realised that he looked a lot like F's ex's ex.

Even worse, I realised that F's ex's ex is also the ex of my second-most recent shag.

I'm going to bed now.. figuring out all those connections hurt my brain. G'night!