Saw PaP tonight.

Was moderately impressed with Keira K. Was less than impressed by the Dame - she's such a better actress than that, why was she wasting her time with that trivial role? (Side note -see Iris. Is fantastic).

Probably the most impressive character though was Mr Bennet; if only because he was so invariant throughout the whole proceeding.

My summary: I get the impression that the book had rather a lot of material that has been skimped, skipped, and completely elided; this is probably okay if you've read the book, seen the TV adaptation, or any of the previous movies (I know there was at least one, I suspect there were more) or even read a plot summary. However, I'd done none of these.

The net effect was that the storyline would move along at quite a sedate pace, then rapidly skip forward so fast that I was left wondering what had happened - then meander along sedately again for a while.

I was very dissapointed at the end. Boy meets girl; Boy loses girl over some trifling misunderstandings; Girl explains to boy in detail what he did wrong; Boy methodically sets about ameliorating his wrongs; Girl falls head over heels in love. *yawn*. I thought someone said Jane Austen was a wonderful, delicate writer who wrote intricate novels about human relationships? Hrmm...

There were, in fact, 5 relationships between 5 humans that did intrigue me throughout the movie.

Firstly, there was the relationship between myself and the boy who was seeing the movie with me. This relationship is intriguing because it's arisen in a manner different to any relationship I've had before; and also because I don't yet know where it will lead - or even where I want it to lead.

Secondly, there were the 4 relationships between the three gentlemen in front of me. All seemed very affectionate and close with all.. but after the movie, after a brief group huggy-kissy session in front of the cinema, the three went their seperate ways.

Also intriguing are a few other relationships that have sprung into being lately; yet another chef, one with a northerner, and.. well, I've already mentioned the other.

I'm still trying to figure out how to balance work, maintaining existing relationships, exploring new relationships, and maintaining a healthy bank balance. this is something that is surely only going to get easier over the next few months - in fact, my calculations show that around April next year it should get dramatically easier. I'm looking forward to it immensely.

While I'm here and rambling, I may as well mention that it appears that my living arrangements will be changing around mid next year. My current flatmate will at that time be travelling overseas for siz months or so. I've not yet decided if I wish to remain where I am (but, obviously, in the master bedroom) and sublet the second bedroom, or if I wish to move elsewhere. I'm very open to suggestions..

mrmm... and I want to get some pet rats, too. I miss my old rats, they were wonderful.

Lastly, I've finished Knife of Daggers. Stay tuned for a mini-review shortly.