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Required listening

Quirks & Quarks, Canada’s equivalent to the ABC’s Science Show has long been in my required-listening podcast list. Actually, the Science Show is as well, and NPR’s Science Fridayis also.

For the big stories, there’s often a lot of overlap between the three. It’s often interesting hearing the different spin that Canadian, Australian, and American presenters put on the same topic.

One topic that’s only been on Q&Q (so far) is: The search for a “gay gene”.

You really should listen to this. If you just want to listen to the one segment from the show, you can browse to the show’s audio page and choose from an mp3, ogg, or live streaming version of the audio.

If you have your own podcatcher, you can plug the feed straight into that.

If you have iTunes, you could subscribe to the podcast in iTunes as well.

Whichever you choose, you should do this, and soon.

I'm not as past it as I thought I was

For certain values of “it”, anyway.

Went out last night and had a fabulous night.

There was a lot I wanted to say, but I’ve forgotten most of it.

All I can remember is this:

* I get on much better with Jerome now than we ever did while we were dating

* Palms is suddenly high on my list of favourite venues

and the biggest news of all..


My life is complete. A face to face encounter with my all-time favourite TV/Radio presenter.

(PS: If I was going to plug some bloggers in my column in a paper magazine, and my flatmate was a blogger, I’d no doubt pimp my flatmate too. Especially if my flatmate was as interesting and worth reading as some peoples flatmates are..)

This site best viewed in Firefox

(this site being, of course, – not livejournal, if you’re reading this there… and please remember that I don’t get to read comments on the LJ site :p)

Bah. I’ve decided I don’t care about the IE users anymore. You should use a real modern browser.

So much for progress

From smh:

The Prime Minister has urged Australians to recognise the demise of the five-day working week in the face of Labor forecasts that the Government’s workplace reforms would erode families’ work-life balance.

I just can’t find words…

More on work(un)choices

I wonder how far one has to go in voicing disapproval of the laws our current government ramming through in (almost) complete secrecy (propaganda campaigns running on the order of $50 million don’t count when they don’t provide any of the details of the legislation) before one is considered seditious?

Anyway, continuing in my theme of providing links to well-written pieces about why WorkChoices is a bad thing, I bring you mgk‘s experiences in the US, which provide a great practical example of what’s wrong with these laws.

Incidentally, as far as I know the proposed law won’t affect me at all. My abhorrence of these laws has nothing at all to do with how it’s going to affect me personally, and everything to do with the negative impacts the laws are likely to have on society as a whole.

Uninformed half-truth rambling for the day

It’s official: Microsoft admit that linux is “a cutting-edge … platform”

Well, not really, but who would let actual facts get in the way of a good story?

Sunjeev Pandey, senior director of Microsoft IT, said the company is “pleased to be partnering with Aruba in the upgrade of Microsoft’s next-generation wireless LAN”.

“This partnership will allow Microsoft to leverage a cutting-edge wireless and mobility platform that provides us the scalability, performance and security that our environment demands,” Pandey said.

More details on LinuxWorld

Work(lack of)Choices

I could write a badly-written disjointed summary of why I don’t like the workchoices package.

Or, I could just tell you to go read a well written one.