Quirks & Quarks, Canada's equivalent to the ABC's Science Show has long been in my required-listening podcast list. Actually, the Science Show is as well, and NPR's Science Fridayis also.

For the big stories, there's often a lot of overlap between the three. It's often interesting hearing the different spin that Canadian, Australian, and American presenters put on the same topic.

One topic that's only been on Q&Q (so far) is: The search for a "gay gene".

You really should listen to this. If you just want to listen to the one segment from the show, you can browse to the show's audio page and choose from an mp3, ogg, or live streaming version of the audio.

If you have your own podcatcher, you can plug the feed straight into that.

If you have iTunes, you could subscribe to the podcast in iTunes as well.

Whichever you choose, you should do this, and soon.