Went and saw King Kong while in Brisbane too. Can't give much of a review though.

I was aware that before the we settled down to the business end of the story, there was quite a lot of PJ's-special window-dressing to sit through, in the form of gratuitous CG action sequences and the like. I didn't realise just quite how much of this there was though..

For one thing, there appears fairly early on (around the 40 minutes mark, I think) a nice tribe of almost zombie-like humans who take most of the ships crew captive. However, these humans disappear inexplicably about 30 minutes later, and are never seen again in the movie. I don't know why, or where they went.. I was on the edge of my seat for a good hour or so after they disappeared expecting them to make a sudden reappearance, but they didn't..

There are also lots of gratiutius chased-by-dinosaur scenes, running-along-decaying-cliff-face scenes, big insects some lumpy worms.. *yawn* none contributed significantly to the plot - merely to creating some unrelated tension by a sequence of ever larger and more gruesome monsters, all of which was then deus-exed out of the storyline when it was finally time for the plot to go somewhere.

At this point, I got up and left.

All in all, what I saw of the movie wasn't too bad. As others have said, the window dressing is really quite nice window dressing - if you want to see a really good chased-by-dinosaurs-through-the-canyon-and-along-the-cliff-edge scene, you can't go past the one in this movie. The only problem I saw was the timescale - 2.5 hours into the movie and we'd just managed to get back to New York. By this point, I was sick of sitting in a seat, and the prospect of another entire hour to get to the climax was just unbearable, so I walked out.

This turned out to be quite fortunate, as I just managed to catch (at 11:30pm) the very last train from Southbank to the city. Brisbane's trains are... well, scarce.