1. I've caught up on all my feeds - woot! After coming back from my week away, I had ~1000 posts to read. I only managed to catch up by skimming a lot of stuff though - particularly boingboing and the comments from LP :(

    I have caught up on everybodies LJ though...

    You can always find out what my feed-reading status is by visiting my aggregator - although of course you won't see any of the LJ posts there.

  2. There was a second thing, but I don't remember what it is
  3. I won't be doing any of the ... in the domain this year. I've got conflicting plans for Jazz this weekend, I'm working next weekend, and out of town the weekend after.
  4. I'm not happy with my personal life. It's unfocused and not moving anywhere. People asking me what I've been up to always upset me, because the answer is always nothing. I work, I come home and turn my brain off. Sometimes I catch up with friends, but all I ever do with them is turn my brain off and chatter mindlessly.

    I'd like to do something about this, but I don't know what yet.

  5. The HTML list tages are woefully underused.
  6. That is all.