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Flatmates wanted…

My current flatmate is almost certain to move out of my current flat around the start of July.

Consequently, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my options: whether I want to stay here, or whether I should move.

Currently, the preferred options is to move. I’m wanting to find a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment somewhere in one of three regions:

* The area bounded by Cleveland, Elizabeth, and Chalmers streets (or very close by – there are some places on Kippax or Holt street that wouldn’t be too bad

* The area bounded by Liverpool, Wentworth Ave, George St, and Central

* Pyrmont.

I’m looking to pay about 350-450/week between myself and.. oh yes, that’s the whole point of this post. I’m looking for someone to share with!

As I was saying, I’d want to spend ~350-450/week between two of us.

Interested? Let me know!


It’s not yet complete, but for the sake of fun, I present to you my latest work in progress: [inline:1]

Edit: Actually, version 0.1 was too sparse, so I’ve added a bit of an outline of what the rest of the holiday was like. More details will come later – here’s version 0.11

Little Gay Afternoon

Short version:

* The Wickham got full

* People with pre-paid tickets, people who’d already paid and been in, and people who hadn’t yet paid at all

* People with pre-paid tickets and people who’d already been in were told that the venue was “overcrowded” and they weren’t allowed in/back in

* However, people who hadn’t yet been in were being allowed in – paying their $15 on the way in. Admittedly, they were being admitted very slowly – but at least they were being admitted.

Clearly the Wickham was not interested in actual overcrowding issues; nor where they interested in fulfilling their obligations to pre-paid ticket holders; nor were they interested in providing the service they’d agreed to provide to people who’d already paid their cover charge – their priorty was assuring maximal income by maximising cover charge revenues.

I shan’t be returning to the Little Gay Afternoon – not unless it finds a venue that can hold the crowd and management who care about their patrons at least a little.

(Aside from all this – the Wickham is in serious need of renovation, small, overcrowded, and generally crap. I won’t be going back on any other occasion either…)

(There were ~500 people in the line outside. We were told that some of the people at the front had been waiting for over 4 hours to get in – I have no idea how long the people at the back would have had to wait, nor how long it would have been before prepaid/already paid ticket holders would have been allowed in)

Rant over.

(Yes, I was one of the people stuck outside not being allowed in. I’d paid my entry fee, I’d popped out for food as none was being served (at a 12 hour event! Just booze, no food! not even snacks!) and wasn’t allowed back in. I’m not impressed. I’ve seen similar situations at Arq, where the venue becomes overcrowded – but Arq get their priorities right, and give preferences to patrons who have already paid)

It's not summer, but it's hot

Had a fantastic day…. Highlights included:

* Put down a deposit on my new camera, which I’m getting significantly below RRP (but feeling guilty because I’m not getting it from a friend..)

* Was offered money if I’d receive a blowjob

* Then found myself uncertain what to say as I walked out

* Re-discovered what water at a beach should be like (lukewarm, not frigid like Sydney beach water)

* Re-discoverd what a real beach looks like

* Did a lot of walking

* Re-discovered the finer points of the Gold Coast transit system – little niceties, like busses specially timed to arrive 5 minutes after the train leaves. Great if you’re arriving by train – but if you’re transferring from bus to train, and the trains are running one per hour – not so great.

* Re-discovered what *works* about Brisbane’s transit system, and even discovered some new things – flat rate taxi fares, anyone?

* This city rocks.

I’ll try to post more detail about my day later, when I’m not so tired and suffering from headspin.. right now, it’s to bed I go..

Learn to use your tools!

I humbly point you to Systems Boy, a man so amazing I am not worthy of even adding extra hash-bang to his bin-bash..

I believe in understanding the tools of your craft. The great Renaissance painters understood the chemical interactions of pigments in oil. They knew how to mix primer and rabbit skin glue, and how to construct and stretch canvas. These days we have paint in tubes and pre-stretched canvas, but any painter worth his salt still has a fundamental understanding of the chemicals in paint and the best way to go about making a stretcher. Computer art students would do well to follow this model. And, quite frankly, they should do so happily. They should be in love with their tools. If they’re not, maybe they should find another medium.

Personally, I feel very much the same way.

There’s not much I can add to SystemsBoy’s rant except this: lack of knowledge (or even the desire for knowledge) about the systems one relies on isn’t just something that affects art students. It’s something I’ve seen in far to many so-called IT professionals as well – “web developers” who don’t understand HTTP, let alone TCP/IP. “Application support” people who don’t understand how to code, nor how to maintain the underlying OS. “Developers” of any sort who try to write client/server apps with any knowledge of TCP/IP…

I’m going to shut up now before I start offending people.

Shittyrail anagramised map

I’d just like to draw your attention to the Shittyrail Anagram Map (click on the pic to see the whole thing).

You’ll be thrilled to know that my daily commute takes me from Fenderr to Stone Dry Hen, by way of Larc Net, What Noll, Dry Yawn, and Moist Slop Inn.

I used to live at A Gibbon Toe, and work at Vine Shells…

The most appropriate station though would have to be Evil Gnarl – that name just about sums up all of Shittyrail.