Had a fantastic day.... Highlights included:

* Put down a deposit on my new camera, which I'm getting significantly below RRP (but feeling guilty because I'm not getting it from a friend..)

* Was offered money if I'd receive a blowjob

* Then found myself uncertain what to say as I walked out

* Re-discovered what water at a beach should be like (lukewarm, not frigid like Sydney beach water)

* Re-discoverd what a real beach looks like

* Did a lot of walking

* Re-discovered the finer points of the Gold Coast transit system - little niceties, like busses specially timed to arrive 5 minutes after the train leaves. Great if you're arriving by train - but if you're transferring from bus to train, and the trains are running one per hour - not so great.

* Re-discovered what *works* about Brisbane's transit system, and even discovered some new things - flat rate taxi fares, anyone?

* This city rocks.

I'll try to post more detail about my day later, when I'm not so tired and suffering from headspin.. right now, it's to bed I go..