I got an email from a few weeks ago, informing me they'd updated their matching algorithms, and to show what they could now achieve, they showed me some good matches "near you".

They have an interesting definition of "near", that's for sure. The guys were scattered all over Asia, Europe, and the Americas, but none from Australia. Well done, OkCupid!

Deciding to give them the benefit of the doubt, I logged in again tonight. I decided to have some fun, so I expanded my normal search from "Guys seeking guys" to "Guys" "Within 20 Miles" (don't ask why they used 18th century units for measuring distance - it makes no sense to me either!).

Hit #2 was a former workmate. I quickly switched back to "Guys seeking guys".

This wasn't any better though.

I've slept with #1 (and he's intermittently one of my closest friends - we need to see more of each other!)

#2 is also an intermittent close friend, although of a shorter duration (and stature) than #1.

#3 is someone I've met frequently (he's in the same broad social grouping as #1), but never clicked with. Last I heard he'd left for Germany though...

#4-#6 are unknown to me. #7 is 22 but looks 17, and is an ex of a sometimes friend (who happens to be a drag queen with a name similar to that of a popular fashion designer)... I was there the night they met. He's far too girly for me to be interested - he's a nice guy, and I've enjoyed chatting to him, but I just can't see myself in bed (or a relationship!) with him.

#8 is a friend of an ex of #1 - I've never met him, but keep seeing him mentioned by various friends on LJ.

#9 is unknown, and #10 is someone I met once or twice - on a bushwalk the first time.

Bah. Sydney is too small.