I've committed podcast heresy.


I unsubbed from Adam Currey's Daily Source Code months ago, when I could no longer stand listening to Adam prattling about how magnificent he was and how his show was fantastic, and hearing all his grandiose plans for making millions off other peoples music and other people's podcasts.

I've now unsubbed from Dawn and Drew as well. They used to be funny, they used to be interesting.. but now they suck. Instead of the rambling ADD-fests they used to be, each of their shows is now cauterized at a nice neat 30 minutes, perfect for a slot on Sirius. I thought podcasting was all about getting away from those time limits, wasn't it?

D&D used to talk about their daily lives, and the insight into someone elses life - and the insight into how the two of them interact - was fascinating. Now that they've turned professional podcasters, their daily life is the show, so the spend their neat hygenic 30 minutes talking about the show.... and that's all. Nothing else happens to them any more, so there's nothing else to talk about.

Things went even further downhill when the minion army started up - there's nothing more annoying than hearing Dawn telling all her minions to check their mailboxes for secret shiznatches. I'm not a minion, I wanted to be, and knowing I'm missing things... well, let's just say it doesn't contribute to a pleasurable podcast-listening experience.

It's even *worse* now that they've accepted sponsorship from a casino. Actually, the fact that they've got sponsorship from a casino in itself isn't so bad - I have no objection to gambling, provided the games are played (by the house) fairly and the odds are a matter of public knowledge. What was *intolerable* was putting up with 20 minutes of prattle about how much fun gambling is, and even worse, how much money you could win from the casino!

Not fun.

Keith and the Girl, by contrast, continues to be funny and entertaining. A large part of the show is still KatG talking about the show (and about Keith's comedy career, which the podcast is just a small part of) - but I somehow find it more tolerable, probably because it's so openly acknowledged as what it is. Even better, KatG have regular guests - Patrice in particular is fantastic.

So... yeah, that's it. I know D&D are/were the most popular podcast on the net.. but sorry guys, no matter how much you claim you haven't changed and haven't sold out, it only takes a look at the length of your episodes to prove that you have.