Quick summary of events from this week. By sheer chance, they all involve Google.

* Didn't make the Google party on thursday night, due to a combination of forgetting the address and an upset stomach.

* I applied for Gmail for you domain for one of my domains months ago - the domain I use to give email addresses to my family. My application was approved this week and I've been setting up the domain. I've not seen anyone else on the blogosphere talking about this - surely I'm not the first? Maybe I should search...

* Using gcal to organise events didn't really work out, so now I'm using eventful.com to organise yum chas. If you want to be notified when future things are organised, create an account and join the group.

There's a little boxy thing on the right-hand bar as well - which you probably won't see if you're using a broken browser such as IE. You can download Firefox from the button in the left-hand navbar.

Hrm. I gust realised though that you won't *see* that navbar if you're in IE, which rather defeates its purpose. hrm.