David Hicks is my new hero. Well, if that report is to be believed, anyway.

Unrelatedly, I've come to realise that monogamy is something that can be taken, but also something that can be given. Almost all of the comments I've had in talking to other people (and reading other blogs) about monogamy focus on the taken kind; and it's that kind that I despise. Given monogamy is sweet though.

I've moved. I have no internet access at home. Keith and the Girl rock, and aren't at all homophobic.

Eventful is overkill. Google calendar rocks. I continue to be a complete and utter google-whore. I'm now using Google's browser synch plugin to keep my firefoxen on all my work machines in synch. Works fine, even on Bon Echo Alpha 3, which it really shouldn't work on at all.

Ho, and also hum.