Just saw Varekai. Mixed feelings about it. There was much less storyline than I was expecting - but that's a good thing. I'd been expecting some kind of interpretive-dance story; the kind of thing that's far too abstract for me to enjoy. However, it turns out that the storyline is little more than a way to loosely weave together a whole bunch of acts, so it was quite accessible. In the main, it turns out to just be a bunch of circus acts, many involving acrobatics and/or trapeze.

On the whole, it was very good. However, it was almost a bit *too* good; some of the feats performed were superhuman, but the performers made it look too easy - they almost took away my appreciation of a difficult act by forgetting to remind me it was difficult. On the whole, it was a much more polished performance than I'm used to, but to the point where it almost felt artificial.

I did enjoy myself though.

In other news, I got my catalogue of next year's Opera Australia program today. In the past, I've taken out a youth subscription for the years 02, 04, and 06, and it looks like I'll be continuing the pattern - there's just nothing in next year's youth subscription that I want to see.

On the other hand, they are putting on some shows that I do want to see: notably, the Carmina Burana and Sweeney Todd.

My current plan is to get tickets to those two, then investigate local theatre companies to pad out the rest of my year.

And now, to bed. gnight!

PS: If you want to come to any of the above with me, let me know ASAP as I'll be booking tickets within the next month. If you have other suggestions, please let me know. Perhaps I'll actually see some amateur musicals this year.... I've got enough friends in amateur dramatic societies who are always on stage...