Oh Anonymous, how right you were.

My opera buddies and I were at Rigoletto last night. During the second intermission, we made jokes that "Rigoletto? Sounds like a pasta!"

Shortly after the second intermission, the "Leggos Authentico" theme started up and we... well, we'd have rolled around laughing, but uncultured as we might be, we do have some manners, so we settled for exchanging significant glances.

Other highlights of the night:

* The leads concentrated on their job, doing a good job of singing, rather than frippery such as "draw(ing) on more contemporary and exciting sources". As a result, we enjoyed some jolly good quality singing, with cheap ripoffs of other people's characters

* The stage was more versatile than a two-dollar hooker. It was a lovely rotating number, allowing the stage to instantly transform from Rigoletto's tiny dressing room to the Grand Ballroom, then to the street outside, and Rigoletto's house.

* Did I mention that all the leads could sing? It was very nice.

* Harley ducked when I threw a malteser at him, causing me to hit the woman sitting next to him.

* Hearing the most frank admission that "I just go to be appreciated, I don't go to play tennis" that I've ever heard.

* Debating whether "Singles match" or "Totem tenis" was a more chaste analogy