I decided to try out iTunes 7 (aka iTunes Lemon) on my work desktop before I risked installing it on my laptops.

Glad I did...

The installer mostly ran okay, aside from requiring a reboot as soon as it was finished. I blame MS for that more than iTunes though.

After rebooting, I try to run it, only to be told that:

QuickTime version 7.0d0 is installed, iTunes requires WuickTime version 7.1.3 or newer. Please reinstall iTunes

* I know several people who still use Quicktime 6, because they paid for the Pro version. Installing 7 causes you to lose your licence, causing you to have to go pay for a new Pro version - and now Apple force you to upgrade?

* I'd have thought that the "iTunes + QuickTime" installer that I just rean would have taken care of getting the correct iTunes version installed. Why didn't it?

* Why is it telling me to reinstall iTunes when it's the version of QuickTime that is out of date?

* As per instructions, I re-ran the installer. It's still declaring itself an "iTunes + Quicktime" installer. I have two options: "Install missing files or repair damaged files and data" or "Remove iTunes from this computer". Apparently "Install missing files"

At the moment, I can't run iTunes; I can't install it; I can't upgrade it.

Thanks Apple!

Update: I've now managed to download and install the standalone Quicktime updater. I've given up on using iTunes though as it's crashed within 5 minutes both times I've run it.

Not going to be trying this on the laptops. Now that I think about it, trying it at work wasn't clever either, as now I've nothing to listen to at work.

Thanks Apple!