Free? I don't think so.

I have some really juicy stories I'd love to publish here. There's sex.. actually, that's about all there is, sex. It's the connections between the people having the sex that make the stories really juicy - like the time I almost had a threesome with two of the hottest guys I know, but it didn't happen because guy A mostly wanted B and was just going to shag me as well because he didn't think he could get B without me - but B steadfastly refuses to shag me, and so played dumb and thus avoided the threesome, even though he probably would have shagged A if he'd been alone.

Actually, there's no sex in that story, but that's because it's a story I can tell. The really juicy ones, the ones that blow even my jaded mind - they involve other people, and I can't tell them here without disclosing information about other people, which just wouldn't be fair.