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An Seriously Depressing Event, Some Poetry, and other news

The seriously depressing event: Someone gave me a copy of Justin Timberlake’s latest. I protested muchly, saying that it was trash, and not in the good way, and there was no point as I’d never enjoy it.

To my absolute dismay, I’ve discovered that the album is actually quite good. Disturbingly so. Since when did JT have talent?

The album has been on repeat in my iTunes – it’s the only thing I’ve listened to in days. The tracks on it are now the most-played things in my library..

That’s the seriously distressing event.

In other news, I got a bit emo and wrote some poor poetry Monday night. I don’t often – in fact, that’s probably the first time I’ve attempted poetry since I had a penchant for limericks in grade three. I’m moderately happy with it, but it doesn’t quite express my feelings at the time. Partly that’s because my feelings changed so drastically while I was writing it, so most of it got re-written at least three times..

And, last of all, a romance will be officially failing. It may be mine, it may be the other guys. Either way, my life is going to be quite changed.

[Updated 27/10]: It was mine. Hurrah, I’m single! It’s been only just over 12 hours, and I’m already having people crawl out of the woodwork and ask if, seeing as I’m now single, I’d like to meet for coffee or something sometime..

Untitled (and formerly unpublished). A dirge, but with hope.

Last month

I allowed myself to be hurt

So that you might be free

to do as you chose.


I allowed myself to be hurt

So that you might be free

to do as you chose


You do as you choose

and I continue to be hurt

by what you choose.


You will be be free

to do as you choose

I won’t be hurt any more.

Kyng Richard And The Werre Vpon The Frensshe

I’ve run across Geoffrey Chaucer’s blog before, but never has it seemed quite so perfect.


A. Frensshe flete has gadrid for to make invasion in ower lande

B. Frensshe shal turne alle of our filmes in to non-linear meditaciouns on lyf and deeth both insouciant and melancholie

C. Frensshe shal destroyen the Englisshe language and create a world maad only of voweles

D. Frensshe shal covir Engelonde wyth cafes wher yt costeth more to drinke coffee sittinge doun than standing up

E. If alle else faileth, repete “grete peril, grete peril” lyk vnto a psalme

I'm such a google fanboy it's almost embarrassing

Sharp-eyed readers will know that I’ve always used

Google Docs – now with Writely for all


Last night, went to to have a tinker.

Surprise surprise, got redirected to – writely is now known as “docs” and is open to anyone with a Gaccount, and is furthermore integrated into Spreadsheet.

I *like* what they’ve done with it. It’s very, very nice. I especially love the “recently active documents” on the front screen: there’s one particular spreadsheet I edit a lot, and having to always go through the open dialog to find it was galling. Now it’s right there in front of me..

Incidentally, I’ve uploaded my resume and I’ll be working on it there. If you are insane enough to want to check out my latest changes, feel free 🙂.

Columbus was a marketer

From Seth Godin:

Columbus was a failure. He failed when he joined in the attempt to conqure the Kingdom of Naples. He was captured by Portuguese ships as he escorted an armed convoy. He was wounded. And he never did get to India. The fact that he didn’t give up and become a shopkeeper after this rought start was critical to his success.


Columbus didn’t do his research carefully, reinforcing his optimism. He thought that calculations of the size of the Earth were in Italian miles, not in the longer Arabic miles. The correct calculations would have ‘proven’ he should never have left.


Ultimately, in death, Columbus became a brand, a story bigger than his own facts. Buried in Spain, moved to Santo Domingo, then to Havana and then back to Spain. Namesake of the Knights of Columbus. Statues and streets and even cities. In many ways considered the “first American,” demonstrating vision, persistence, insight, brilliance, bravery and world changing paradigm shifting… almost none of it true, of course.