The seriously depressing event: Someone gave me a copy of Justin Timberlake's latest. I protested muchly, saying that it was trash, and not in the good way, and there was no point as I'd never enjoy it.

To my absolute dismay, I've discovered that the album is actually quite good. Disturbingly so. Since when did JT have talent?

The album has been on repeat in my iTunes - it's the only thing I've listened to in days. The tracks on it are now the most-played things in my library..

That's the seriously distressing event.

In other news, I got a bit emo and wrote some poor poetry Monday night. I don't often - in fact, that's probably the first time I've attempted poetry since I had a penchant for limericks in grade three. I'm moderately happy with it, but it doesn't quite express my feelings at the time. Partly that's because my feelings changed so drastically while I was writing it, so most of it got re-written at least three times..

And, last of all, a romance will be officially failing. It may be mine, it may be the other guys. Either way, my life is going to be quite changed.

[Updated 27/10]: It was mine. Hurrah, I'm single! It's been only just over 12 hours, and I'm already having people crawl out of the woodwork and ask if, seeing as I'm now single, I'd like to meet for coffee or something sometime..