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Of the day’s annoyances, these…

* That the dry cleaner stole my pants.

* That the dry cleaner refuses to admit they may have made a mistake

* That the dry cleaner refuses to look for my pants

* That the dry cleaner refuses to take my details in case my pants turn up later.

Bastards. They will never, ever be getting my business again.

[Update: 29/11/06] Got a call this morning from Ms. “There’s no possibility I could have made a mistake” admitting that she’d found my pants; she had, in fact, labelled them so she knew they were definitely mine, as the label matched the receipt I’d paid yesterday.

She of course made me pay another $8 to pick up these pants as they weren’t included on yesterday’s receipt.

I’m slightly less upset now that I’ve got my pants back, but I’m still never going back to these dry cleaners again – having someone just baldly insisting that there’s no chance they could make a mistake and I must be wrong about having given them the pants doesn’t inspire happy feelings about their business.

Geek code


Version: 3.1

GIT d-(++) s: a- C++++()$ UBLC++++(++)$ P—(–) L+++(++)$>++++ E—(-) W++$ N o K–? w(–)$>+++++ O- M++ V->++ PS+(++) PE-(++) Y+()>++ PGP t+(-) 5? X? !R tv@ b++(+)>+++$ DI++(+)>+++ !D !G e++>++++ h- r+@>++ y++


iPodderX is dead. Long live bashpodder!

I had a rant a while ago about iPodderX wanting me to pay to continue using it. It turned out that I’d just overlooked the button where I could enter my existing registration code, and once I did that (after some exellent support from Thunderstone Media) it started working fine again.

Now I have a much more serious problem. I’ve bought a new laptop. I haven’t been listening to podcasts for a while, as my iPod has been out of order. It’s working again now, so I want to go back to listening to Keith and the Girl. Unfortunately, my old laptop got wiped and replaced with Ubuntu on the weekend, mere hours before I realised I had no copy of iPodderX on the new laptop. No problem, I thought, I’ll just download it again… (no pagerank for you!) has expired and now has yon standard domain-scammer search page. Thunderstone Media‘s site doesn’t respond when I try to connect to it. still says that the new version should be out by the end of March.

I can’t find anywhere onlineto download a copy from.


For Zedness and Queerpenguin.

I’m not sure if either of you actually read this, but I’m too lazy to write emails. Hopefully you at least have Google alerts set up for your own names..

Ex-gay is dead

“Describing a lifelong battle against temptations that were contrary to his teachings,” says the Denver Post, “[Haggard] had sought assistance ‘in a variety of ways,’ and while he had stretches of ‘freedom,’ nothing proved effective. ‘There is a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I’ve been warring against it all of my adult life,’ Haggard wrote.” [Emphasis added.]


The ex-gay thing is over. It’s dead. It was bullshit from the start, and it’s bullshit now. And I will personally track down and bitch-slap the next fundie douche who sends me an e-mail explaining how Jesus can cure me. And I will personally track down and shit in the mouth of the next cable-news anchor who entertains—even for an instant—the notion of a miracle cure for homosexuality.

Fun with words

I just happened across the latest post in a series about recursive punctuation over at Language Log, which features the gem:

“ ‘ “ ‘ “ ‘Why?’ I repeated, ” I repeated, ’ I repeated, ” I repeated, ’ I repeated, ” I repeat.

This reminded me of some of my favorite sentences from childhood, which feature word repition. My two favorite:

In a test, Mary, where John had had had had, had had had. Had had had been correct.

The problem with the sign was that there should have been more space between Johnson and and and and and Johnson.

Anyone got some more examples for me?

Your daily dose of snark

Go read which-chick’s post about why Christians and TV don’t mix.

Go. Read.

Almost all people, Christian or not, agree that television viewing is undermining America. Yeah, but the Incredibles are on the case. They’ll get that Underminer, you betcha! Educators lament the hours wasted by school children. Politicians decry the political bias of the main stream media. Those in the legal system oppose the popularization of violence. Except for brother-the-younger, attorney at law and fan of gangsta rap and hiphop. Finally, those who hold traditional values denounce the perverted sexual themes of many programs. These programs of which you speak, can you direct me to them? Hell, I might want to get cable if there are perverted sexual themes to be had. I thought that shit was all Pay-Per-View like Wet Palms and stuff.

Conspiracy Theories

I saw a post in someones blog recently about conspiracy theories and why they seem to be popular. The post essentially said that it’s because humans need narrative, and conspiracy theories have the advantage of providing a narrative that’s rich and satisfying.

It occured to me on the train last night (a little before others in the carriage realised that Penrith isn’t on the Newcastle line) that this is much the same instinct that drove earlier groups to create myths, legends, and god-stories.

This is the Newcastle line, isn't it?

He got on at Central. He fiddled with his iPod. He sat quite contentedly through Strathfield station, fiddled some more through Parramatta, was almost asleep through Blacktown, but then started fiddling with his iPod again just as we got near Penrith.

As we pulled to a stop, he looked around, gave a start, uttered the immortal line above. Upon receiving negative answers and amused looks from the entire carriage, he got up and ran out of the carriage in a hurry.

Some days things just don’t go according to plan.

A deal for Dare

It never ceases to amaze me how complex things have become today. One thing that really reinforces it is when people who you’d think would know better do something that (with the benefit of minor amounts of knowledge) seem fairly silly, like buying a new iPod just because of a corrupted filesystem.

Dare: Should this ever happen to you while you’re anywhere near me, I’ll buy the discarded one off you – I’ll even pay you up to 50% of it’s ‘new’ value! I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a great deal for something so broken you’re throwing it away and buying a replacement… Hell – I’ll give you 30% of the price right now, and take care of the shipping myself still cheaper for me than buying a new one here.

The ultimate irony here of course is that the corrupt filesystem came about because of a combination of MS’s filesystem (FAT-32, the lingua franca of filesystems) and MSs handling of USB devices. Would never happen with a decent (ie, journalled) filesystem… The first thing I’d want to do after getting the iPod would be to reset to factory defaults and reformat it with HFS..

Update: Hrm, on second thoughts… 50% is too much for something that’s probably a year or more old.. I wonder what street value for second-hand iPods is?

Also, given that it’s the old model and probably at least a year old, replacing it isn’t so silly after all. Definitely not something I’d do for a problem I could fix in 5 minutes, but I guess we're not all paid as much as Dare..