Of the day's annoyances, these...

* That the dry cleaner stole my pants.

* That the dry cleaner refuses to admit they may have made a mistake

* That the dry cleaner refuses to look for my pants

* That the dry cleaner refuses to take my details in case my pants turn up later.

Bastards. They will never, ever be getting my business again.

[Update: 29/11/06] Got a call this morning from Ms. "There's no possibility I could have made a mistake" admitting that she'd found my pants; she had, in fact, labelled them so she knew they were definitely mine, as the label matched the receipt I'd paid yesterday.

She of course made me pay another $8 to pick up these pants as they weren't included on yesterday's receipt.

I'm slightly less upset now that I've got my pants back, but I'm still never going back to these dry cleaners again - having someone just baldly insisting that there's no chance they could make a mistake and I must be wrong about having given them the pants doesn't inspire happy feelings about their business.