I had a rant a while ago about iPodderX wanting me to pay to continue using it. It turned out that I'd just overlooked the button where I could enter my existing registration code, and once I did that (after some exellent support from Thunderstone Media) it started working fine again.

Now I have a much more serious problem. I've bought a new laptop. I haven't been listening to podcasts for a while, as my iPod has been out of order. It's working again now, so I want to go back to listening to Keith and the Girl. Unfortunately, my old laptop got wiped and replaced with Ubuntu on the weekend, mere hours before I realised I had no copy of iPodderX on the new laptop. No problem, I thought, I'll just download it again...

ipodderx.com (no pagerank for you!) has expired and now has yon standard domain-scammer search page. Thunderstone Media's site doesn't respond when I try to connect to it. Transistr.com still says that the new version should be out by the end of March.

I can't find anywhere onlineto download a copy from.