Universal binaries suck.

Yes, they're lovely. Yes,it's great that the droolers who use macs don't have to figure out which version to download, they just get a universal binary and everything magically works no matter they're platform. Yes, I'm sure it's even great for developers, not having to seperately code two apps.

But. A universal binary is just the PowerPPC version bundled with the Intel version (please, please correct me if I'm wrong). I know which version fnord I want - I've a G4, I want the PPC version. The Intel version is never going to be used, but I still have to waste bandwidth downloading it, then I have to waste disk space storing it. Bugger that!

Great, give simplicity to the great unwashed. But please, please, let those of us who know what they're doing have a choice. Electrons are precious and should not be wasted! Give me a choice - don't make me waste bandwidth and disk space on something I'm never ever going to use.


Completely unrelatedly: RAW, RIP.